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1.    General Information

Province: Samar
Region: VIII
Income Classification: First
No. of Component Municipalities: 24
No. of Component Cities: 2 (Catbalogan City and Calbayog City)
Total Land Area (has): 559,100
No. of Households: 135,355
Total Population: 733,377 (2010 Census)
No. of Barangays: 951
No. of Congressional Districts: 2


2.    Ecosystem/Resource Endowment

Agricultural/lowland (for crops)
Agricultural/lowland (for non-food crops)    
Agricultural/lowland (for poultry and livestock)
Coastal and Marine
Fresh Water


3.    LGU Income

Actual Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA): P440,601,360.00
Locally – Sourced: P8,425,770.00


4.    Major Income Source

1.    Agriculture
2.    Manufacturing
3.    Services


5.    Major Industries

Oil Industry
Integrated Mussel Industry
Mats and Rattan Craft    
Copra Industry
Abaca Manufacturing


6.    Livelihood

Smoked Fish or Tinapa Processing
Native Cheese Processing
Peanut and Pinato Processing
Furniture Making
Fish Sailing and Drying
Mats and Bag Making




1.    Historical Background

Many names (Samal, Ibabao, Tandaya) were given to Samar Island prior to the coming of Spaniards in 1596. The name Samar was derived from the local dialect “samad”, meaning wound or cut, which aptly describes the rough physical features of the island that is rugged and deeply dissected by streams.

    During the early days of Spanish occupation, Samar was under the jurisdiction of Cebu. In 1735, Samar and Leyte were united into one province with Carigara, Leyte as capital but were, again, separated in 1768.


2.    Geography

The province of Samar lies southeast of Luzon. It is bounded on the north by Northern Samar, on the east by Eastern Samar, on the south by the Leyte Gulf, and on the west by the Samar Sea.


3.    Land Use

Samar province has a total land area of 559,100 hectares of 5,591 square kilometres, classified into the following:

Alienable and Disposable Lands: 348,789 has.
Forest Lands: 210,311 has.

Forest Reserved: 12,744 has.
Timberland: 172,250 has.
National Park: 63 has.
Military Reservation: 840 has.
Watershed/Civil Reservation: 20,120 has.
Fishpond: 4,294 has.


4.    Topography

The land of Samar province is almost 91.1% hilly or mountainous ranging from 200 to 800 high. Slopes are generally steep and bare of trees. Run-off rainwater on these slopes is substantial and can provoke flooding in lowland areas.

    Topsoil is carried to the sea, creating hydrosols and enlarging mudflats and mangrove areas. The erosion of mountainous areas enlarges the coastal plains of Samar. The coastline is approximately 300 kilometers long,  which boosts its rich fishing grounds and contribute much to our economy.


5.    Political Subdivision

Republic Act 4221 of 1965 divided Samar island into three (3) provinces, namely: Northern Samar, Eastern Samar, and Western Samar (officially known as Samar). The province of Samar is composed of two congressional districts, to wit:


First District:

1.    Almagro
2.    Calbayog City
3.    Gandara
4.    Matuginao
5.    Pagsanghan
6.    San Jorge
7.    Sta. Margarita
8.    Sto. Niño
9.    Tagapul-an
10.   Tarangnan


Second District:

1.    Basey
2.    Calbiga
3.    Catbalogan City
4.    Daram
5.    Hinabangan
6.    Jiabong
7.    Marabut
8.    Motiong
9.    Paranas
10.   Pinabacdao
11.   San Jose de Buan
12.   San Sebastian
13.   Sta. Rita
14.   Talalora
15.   Villareal
16.   Zumarraga


Table 1. Income Classification by City/Municipality

Municipality              Class          Municipality               Class
1. Almagro                Fifth          14. Paranas               Second
2. Basey                  First           15. Pinabacdao           Fourth
3. Calbayog City        First           16. San Jorge             Fourth
4. Calbiga                 Fourth        17. San Jose de Buan  Fourth
5. Catbalogan City     First           18. San Sebastian       Sixth
6. Daram                  Third          19. Sta. Margarita       Fourth
7. Gandara               Second       20. Sta. Rita               Fifth
8. Hinabangan           Fourth        21. Sto. Niño              Fifth
9. Jiabong                Fifth           22. Tagapul-an           Fifth
10. Marabut              Fifth           23. Talalora               Sixth
11. Matuguinao         Fifth           24. Tarangnan            Fourth
12. Motiong              Fourth         25. Villareal                Fifth
13. Pagsanghan         Fifth           26. Zumarraga            Fifth


6.    Climate and Rainfall

The province’s climate is generally characterized by two pronounced seasons: dry during Months of May to October, and wet during November to March. The warmer months usually experienced from March to April at 35 degrees centigrade, while the lowest temperature can be felt in December at 19 degrees centigrade.


7.    Population

The 2010 Census of Population registered a total head count of 733,377, with 135,355 households. An increase of 92,253 or 14.39% was noted over that of the 2000 Census of Population. Of the 24 municipalities, Basey, (50,423) posted the highest population followed by Daram (41,322), and Sta. Rita (38,082). The municipality of Matuguinao is still the least populated with population of 6,746.


Table 1. Population by City/Municipality

City/Municipality         Population 2010
Almagro                    11,024
Basey                        50,423
Calbayog City            172,778
Calbiga                      21,434
Catbalogan City          94,317
Daram                       41,322
Gandara                    31,943
Hinabangan                12,651
Jiabong                      17,075
Marabut                     15,115
Matuguinao                 6,746
Motiong                     14,829
Pagsanghan                8,024
Paranas                     29,327
Pinabacdao                16,208
San Jorge                  16,340
San Jose de Buan        6,563
San Sebastian            7,708
Sta. Margarita            24,850
Sta. Rita                    38,082
Sto. Niño                   13,504
Tagapul-an                7,828
Talalora                     7,983
Tarangnan                 24,146
Villareal                     26,221
Zumarraga                 16,936
Samar                       733,377




A.    Representatives: (As of May 11, 2010 Election)
1st District : Hon. Mel Senen S. Sarmiento
2nd District : Hon. Milagrosa T. Tan


B.    Provincial Officials
Provincial Governor: Hon. Sharee Ann T. Tan
Vice-Governor: Hon. Stephen James T. Tan
Board Members
1ST District:     
2nd District:
Hon. Charlito L. Coñejos      Hon. Eunice U. Babalcon
Hon. Noel G. Sermense        Hon. Jimmy R. Dy
Hon. Renato P. Uy              Hon. Arthur Vaughn M. Zosa
Hon. Jasper D. Sumagang.   Hon. Luzviminda L. Nacario
Hon. Prudencio A. Dy, Jr.     Hon. Juan C. Latorre, Jr.


C.    Municipal Mayors
First District:
City/Municipality        Mayor     
1. Almagro                Kathleen S. Prudenciado     
2. Calbayog City        Ronald P. Aquino     
3. Gandara                Atonieto T. Cabueños     
4. Matuguinao            Melissa A. Dela Cruz     
5. Pagsanghan           Ruben T. Palma     
6. San Jorge              Nancy B. Grey     
7. Sta. Margarita        Alfredo B. Serrano, Jr.     
8. Sto. Niño               Lilia A. Coñejos     
9. Tagapul-an            Vicente M. Limpiado, Jr.     
10. Tarangnan            Emmelly D. Olaje

Second District:
1. Basey                   Junjie Igmedio E. Ponferrada     
2. Calbiga                 Melchor F. Nacario     
3. Catbalogan City     Coefredo T. Uy     
4. Daram                  Lucia L. Astorga     
5. Hinabangan           Alejandro N. Abarratigue     
6. Jiabong                 Jocelyn U. de Jesus     
7. Marabut                Percival A. Ortillo, Jr.     
8. Motiong                 Francisco M. Langi, Sr.     
9. Paranas                Felix T. Babalcon, Sr.     
10. Pinabacdao          Mario L. Quijano     
11. San Jose de Buan Ananias S. Rebato     
12. San Sebastian      Arnold B. Abalos     
13. Sta. Rita              Lisandro Kim G. Adolfo     
14. Talalora               Leonilo T. Costelo     
15. Villareal               Reynato R. Latorre     
16. Zumarraga           Myrna O. Tan


D.    Municipal Vice – Mayors
First District:
City/Municipality         Vice-Mayor
1. Almagro                 Hazel M. Moreno
2. Calbayog City         Rey James R. Uy
3. Gandara                 Eufemio S. Oliva
4. Matuguinao             Salvador B. Floquencio
5. Pagsanghan            Alicia U. Repol
6. San Jorge               Marcelina D. Yu
7. Sta. Margarita          Ponciano B. Alegria, Sr.
8. Sto. Niño                 Antonio D. Suson
9. Tagapul-an              Nicanor M. Roxas
10. Tarangnan             Danilo V. Tan


Second District:
1. Basey                      Raul Sendic B. Bajas
2. Calbiga                    Rosemarie G. Rodriguez
3. Catbalogan City        Art Sherwin L. Gabon
4. Daram                     Arthur Z. Losa
5. Hinabangan              Sofia A. Pazon
6. Jiabong                    Editha L. Labini
7. Marabut                    Edwin T. Labado
8. Motiong                    Estela D. Dasmariñas
9. Paranas                   Yolanda T. Tan
10. Pinabacdao             Danilo B. Cabornay
11. San Jose de Buan    Joaquin R. Elizalde
12. San Sebastian         Antero M. Gaviola, Jr.
13. Sta. Rita                 Gaudencio T. Espino, Jr.
14. Talalora                  Neil B. Labareño
15. Villareal                  Eddie T. Yu
16. Zumarraga              Manuel I. Versoza II


Provincial Peace and  Order Council


Chairman: Hon. Sharee Ann T. Tan
Vice Chairman: Hon. Stephen James T. Tan


Atty. Leopoldo C. Lluz
Gregorio D. Fiel, Jr.
Engr. Nestor L. Pastorangan
Thelma Quitalig
Elpidio E. Simon
PSSUPT. Eusebio Adamero Mejos
Nimfa B. Quirante
Luz D. Tacal
Anita T. Taran
Ruben Mancol
Dr. Dulce J. Cernal
Atty. Ernesto Y. Macabare
Renante Aquino
Edito W. Cabiling, Sr.
Alvina A. Valles
Judy L. Batulan

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